"Any attempt to establish faith in others through the performance of miracles is a mistake and demonstrates an underlying lack of faith. The practice of miracles is only for those with a true desire to unite with God.” P-13.1-4

53 Miracle Principles

A facilitator for comprehending the 53 Miracle Principles from A Course in Miracles, so their value is recognized.

53 Miracle Principles are proverbs summarizing the teachings brought forth in A Course in Miracles.

Line-by-line paraphrasing accompanies each principle to simplify the words for maximum understanding.

Egoic, student/teacher, and master interpretations follow each principle, revealing your proficiency with the material.

Miracles restore your mind to its limitless capacity and induce a peace not of this world.

Learn Christ's definitions of “a miracle” and how to perform miracles in your life.

Become a miracle-worker and align with your true purpose: to gently restore Heaven on earth.