"Spare yourself needless repetition—follow the instructions. In order to obtain the Peace of God, the workbook need be traversed only once—correctly." P-1.3.5-6

ACIM Lesson Journal

A facilitator for integrating, applying, and generalizing the workbook exercises of ACIM Lesson Journal.

ACIM Lesson Journal is a companion to the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles.

Volume I provides best practices for optimal healing and a journal adapted for lesson application.

Volumes II and III contain the first and second halves of the 365 lessons.

Each lesson is formatted into sections for maximal clarity and adherence to the instructions, and provides a space for you to write down your daily observations.

Accurately applying the workbook lessons is “mind training” and serves to make the ideas brought forth in the Course practical.

Mind training offers you the ability to overcome any traumatic experience instantly.

When you learn how to undo your ego and become present, suffering is forgotten.

Become a practical example to others of “the way, the truth, and the life.”