"Having experienced revelation, fear and doubt are suspended. Having been united with God, they extend miracles by sharing their inner radiance." P.34.3.6:7

The Alchemical Power Of Light

A facilitator for relinquishing manipulative behavior that blocks True power.

Human beings throughout history have sought strategies to help us tap into our power—but all have been founded in egoic paradigms, have had inconsistent results, and have caused suffering.

The Alchemical Power of Light provides you with alternatives to egoic strategies…alternatives that ensure you will never suffer again.

In this book, the Author share fifty-four approaches for acquiring True power gently and with ease.

The book classifies common egoic attitudes for gaining and maintaining power over others, refutes them, and follows up with spiritual insights, reassessments, and explanations.

This insight helps you to identify when you are acting from your ego so that you can modify your stance and step into your authentic power.

As you learn to engage in the world while standing in your True power, you can engender a peaceful, abundant, and joyous experience—in every situation.

This is your guide to attaining power derived from love, unity, and relationship.

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